#dressup dinner party at MANHMANH restaurant with Gabriel Nikolaidis, food and fashion blogger ALAS resort and spa featured in ATHINORAMA magazine

Media Relations

Media relations refer solely to the relationship that a company or organization develops with journalists and media outlets in general. One way to ensure a positive working relationship with media personnel is to become deeply familiar with their "beats" and areas of interests. Our team has worked hard through the years and has achieved to create long-lasting relations with editors, bloggers, opinion leaders by understanding their needs, knowing their “likes” and tastes in order to provide them with the right message at the right time.

Media relations can drive interest to a company and helps to reach both customers and business partners. It allows access to both large and small target audiences and helps build public support. Our team has implemented successful media relations strategies nationally and regionally all over Greece through reaching the right media, selecting and presenting the right message, exploiting all opportunities and in the end ensuring the maximum coverage. We talk every day to all targeted editors making sure they comprehend our client’s message and thus create a positive environment.

We do what most public relations agencies dare not to do: we measure our performance according to the impact that we have in driving your business forward. In the end, it is not inches of ink but ROI that determines your success.

Our services include:

  • media relations strategy
  • full press office services
  • creation of a media environment
  • organization of press meetings, events and trips
  • management of  negative publicity
  • daily media monitoring of publicity
  • media analysis, evaluation and reports
  • proactive creation of a data base with material relevant to our client
  • design and creation of press kits and packages