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Welcome to Maragu!


An innovative Greek fashion brand that creates wooden sun glasses.


Every Maragu loves designing, producing and engraving wooden pieces of art. Why wood? Because wood is an integral part of Greece. It gives color, scent, texture, endurance, flexibility, differentiation and, above all, is an intrinsic part of our culture.


Maragu in Greek, literally translates as 'belonging to the carpenter' whilst at the same time it is a name resembling exotic destinations. The exoticism of the brand name links with our homeland, Greece, which is the last exotic location in Europe. Each piece is designed according to the enduring and universal aesthetics of Greek culture from ancient times to the present day.


Project keys

/Media Relations Strategies

/Social Media Campaigns


Product placement / Seeding


Collaboration with lifestyle figures and influencers


  • Aris Kavatzikis, Editorial Director @ Hello! Magazine
  • Nikolaidis Gavriil, Blogger @ Cool Artisan – Editor @ Attica Media
  • Dimitris Tsakoumis, Blogger @ DimitrisGoes




Social Media management


Creation of content for both Facebook page and  Instagram  account.

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