eza protypos hellenic brewery S.A., also known as EZA, holds a 30 years’ brewing experience. The company produces, imports,and distributes exclusively national and international beer brands in Greece and abroad. Major multinational breweries have entrusted Hellenic Breweries with the production of their brands under license or contract brewing arrangements.

EZA applies successfully an integrated system of state-of-the-art production and environmental care processes for the production
& packaging of beer. Hellenic Breweries produces highest quality, bottom fermented, beers, using only natural raw materials from certified suppliers and artesian water from spring-fields sourced from Mount Parnassos. The company produces different varieties
of Lager & Pilsener beer which meet the contemporary market needs.

Project keys
/Promotional marketing
/Social Media
/Media Relations
/Contest Marketing


Eza Z Premium Beer Launch in Greece

The idea was to go beyond the standards and launch the new premium beer while at the same time associate the brand
with the target audience needed.
So we managed to co-operate with the Biennale Organization in Greece and throw the event at the premises of the old stock exchange in Athens surrounded by all the exhibition artworks and art performances.
More than 1000 people attended the launch, tasted the beer and had fun while doing so. We are very proud of this event and it was the first time something like that happened in Greece.

Contest marketing

We undertook the handling of facebook pages for Blue Island and Pils HELLAS and managed to grow the likes rapidly by using smart content, contests and interactive tools with our audience. We also used all the promoting tools given by facebook and advertising on that channel.

Promotional Marketing

Music Interaction

One of our main goals was to link the beers with the music happenings in Athens which were in line with the look and feel of the brands. Therefore, we established a long lasting co-operation with the most prestigious radio station in Greece called EN LEFKO 87,7 and the private live shows it organized with groups around the world. We also sponsored some of the biggest music festivals. Besides our branding we figured out ways to attract people to buy th beers outside the festivals by giving coupons for special stores and collecting data to keep them informed.

Bar Tastings

We have organized the placement and all promotional ideas for more than 100 bars, restaurants and entertainment places for all three beer brands of EZA.