Takes eyelashes to the next level. With a wide and fine selection of lashes divided in to three collections with black, brown and a completely unique selection of blonde lashes. All lashes are hand-crafted and specially designed by the prominent Swedish make up artist Gabriella Elio. Sweed Lashes can be used up to 10 times and the unique and elaborate band of translucent cotton gives a better fit and makes them easy to use for both beginners and professionals

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On Thursday March 22, over a mingle of bubbles, refreshments and French delicacies, Sweden’s famous eyelash brand, Sweed Professional Lashes® made an impressive Press Event to celebrate its arrival in Greece! The event took place in the beautiful Bar-Restaurant ZAMBRI, which was decorated according to the unique look n feel of the brand, in order to welcome all Beauty Lovers of Athens and special guests.

The event was presented by the famous make-up artist from Sweden and Sweed Professional Lashes® Founder, Gabriella Elio, who shared with the guests  her vision and the secrets of the world of beauty.

During the event, all guests discovered the high quality, 100% Cruelty Free Handmade Eyelashes in a wide and sophisticated collection that fit a simple day in the office or a glamorous gala party.