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RAKKAN Bar Restaurant is open since June 2013, in Athens.


It is a high-end dining option for the aficionados of fusion Japanese cuisine in the verdant suburbs of Kifissia

and one of the most talked-about meeting points in northern Athens!


In a stunning setting based on the Japanese minimalism, as it is expressed through the 9,900 cubes that adorn the ceiling of the space, Rakkan Bar Restaurant redefines the Athenian Life Style and welcomes its fusion Japanese cuisine lovers.


RAKKAN Bar restaurant is an international destination that offers you the opportunity to enjoy your meal, light comfort food

and signature dishes by the award winning chef Naruse Fumiaki, accompanied by sophisticated sounds, original cocktails

& Premium spirits, in its Zen atmosphere!


This year (2016) RAKKAN will open for the first time ever in Mykonos (Cyclades) and our team has undertaken

the communication strategy plan.


Project keys

/PR & Consulting Services

/Lifestyle & Social Media Marketing

/Event Management




Media Relations / Event Management


Our team has organized more than 20 press lunches, dinners & brunches to promote the everyday life of Rakkan

based on the strategy we have formed. We continue the same way which has provided our client with exceptional results

regarding its awareness.


Our first ever Press Brunch was attended by 72 media & food bloggers, a significantly big number in Greece.

Many of our events are accompanied by live music performances.

Below The Line / Event Management




Like the sea unites cultures, ideas and people around a table


Rakkan Bar Restaurant united with the most famous, one Michelin star awarded seafood restaurant in Greece

called Varoulko to provide their customers with a gastronomic experience of EctaSea.


Both awarded chefs Naruse Fumiaki (Rakkan Bar Restaurant) and Lefteris Lazarou (VAROULKO Seaside) combined tradition

with creativity to create a fixed seafood menu with tastes from Asia to Greece.


Our team created and implanted the idea for this unique gastronomic event which met great success and was loved by people.

Through this idea we managed to drive people to both restaurants and succeed great publicity (covered by almost all Greek media).


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